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An Interview with Growth Through Nutrition Small Grant Awardee - Arefayne Alenko

Growth Through Nutrition sponsors local researchers in the field of nutrition through its Small Grants Program managed by Tufts University. From a group of candidates who submitted an array of research topics, a team evaluated and ranked the applications using the learning agenda priority themes criteria.

Success Story - The Skills Lab Improved Students' Competence of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

“Women and girls travel long distances every day to fetch water, risking their well-being while doing so." These are the words of Yenenesh Abebe, a student of the Water Supply and Sanitation Training Program at Woliso Polytechnic College. She and her classmates acknowledge the role Growth through Nutrition played in the college's teaching-learning process and its effect on their service to the community.

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Success Story - Growth through Nutrition Activity’s Internship Program Support Boosts Students’ Practical Learning Experience

The Growth through Nutrition project provides internship opportunities for selected food and nutrition students from four universities in Ethiopia. The program is intended to enhance students’ food and nutrition skill competencies by exposing them to actual work settings.The document describes how one of the project's interns, Kasahun Adane, benefited from both observation and exposure to practice. 

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Success Story - From Hawassa to Awada Boricha; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Competencies in Disease Prevention

This Success Story explains how Kidist Tadesse, a graduate from Hawassa Poly Technic College in Water Treatment, is the only water quality expert in the Awada Boricha Water Supply Project. However, following an intervention by Growth Through Nutrition, students are now excited about joining the Water Technology Department, given the improvements in essential lab materials and teaching competencies. 

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Success Story - The Teachers Making an Impact on Nutrition Education in Ethiopia

Growth through Nutrition has provided training on Gender Responsive Effective Teaching Skills for 834 instructors at 19 institutions.This success story illustrates how Fekadu Reta's devoted teaching and dedication to nutrition education has been transformed by Growth through Nutrition training at Hawassa University.

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