Assessment on Modalities of Livestock Support Fund Provision as In-kind or Cash to Support Most Vulnerable Households in Two Pilot Districts

Conducted in the Enarji Enawuga (in Amhara - East Gojjam) and Liben Chiquala (in East Oromia – East Shewa) districts - the assessment evaluated in-kind provision and cash transfer for agricultural inputs (livestock) to determine which modality is best. 

In addition to overall observation of Most Vulnurable Households (MVHH), the assessment involved interviews with women in randomly selected MVHHs, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with development extension workers, and key informant interviews with people involved in financial activities. The assessment determined that cash transfer was found to better than in-kind transfers of sheep/goats in terms of distribution sites, quality of animals, effective use of time and resources of beneficiaries, government support and Growth through Nutrition staff, and market places.




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