Menu Planning Game for Improved Dietary Diversity and Increased Frequency of Eating/Feeding-Tigringa

The revised version includes a 1 square meter vinyl mat with printed images of 3 large bowls (for meals) and 2 small bowls (for snacks); a set of laminated food cards that include a variety of animal source foods, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, staple foods, breastmilk, and also non-nutritious/junk foods (e.g. candy and sweets, biscuits, carbinated beverages); and written instructions for the facilitator.

Save the Children
Manoff Group
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Skills-building game
Targeted Behaviors
Plan menu for improved dietary diversity every day; eat at least one 3-STAR food every day; add at least one 2-STAR food and at least one 1-STAR food to every meal.
Resource User Type
Community Change Agent (CCA)
Frontline Worker Supervisors
Health Extension Worker
Session 3
Session 8
Session 9
Lactating women
Pregnant women
Families with adolescent girls
Families with children 6-24 months old
Resource Keywords
Adolescent Nutrition
Dietary Diversity
Infant and young child feeding (IYCF)
Maternal Nutrition
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