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Success Story - the husband and wife team working to change their nutrition future

Since Birke Abera's husband Yohanis received awareness about child feeding practices, he has gone out of his way to support his wife where he can and they have learned to discuss and agree on their family's activities. Empowered by this new knowledge, the duo has transformed the fate of their family from being nutritionally vulnerable to capable of providing a healthy and nutritious to their son consistently.

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Success Story - Tomorrow’s success – how a saving group transformed Kemeru Abdela’s life for the better

When Kemeru Abdela became a project beneficiary, she and her husband were living on a meager production and supporting their livelihood by working on her neighbors' farms for additional income in Galama Hebano kebele. Since subsequently joining a saving group - Milkaina Boru (which mean's "tomorrow's success"), and receiving livestock from the project - Kemeru proved that better nutrition and health behaviors are very possible, given the right resources and drive. 

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Success Story - Setting an Example for Health Extension Workers Everywhere

In Debark Woreda of North Gondar, Bizuwork Zewdu, a Health Extension Worker, is just one of many who have felt the impact of Grant under Grant, a growth through nutrition initiative. Bizuwork engages actively in securing a better future for her community's nutrition, working with mothers to demonstrate best practices in Deber HEalth post, where she works. 

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Success Story - Empowered Health Extension Worker Atsede transforms a health facility

When Atsede Seifu first joined the Tekeze Health Post in Welkait Wereda as a Health Extention Worker, she was highly affected by “that intensive sadness and worry of seeing children suffer from malnutrition despite the availability of different food items in their hands or at home.” With this motivation, she set about implementing quality improvement models supported by Growth through Nutrition following her on-the-job training - improving the organized records of the facility's services.

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Success Story - Two Birds with One Stone

This success story highlights how the Were Babu Magna Farmer's Training Center took advantage of resources provided by Growth through Nutrition to enhance their pond irrigation system and distribute inputs to the local community and other Farmer's Training Centers. The center has also played a vital role in the area diffusing nutrition-sensitive practices through training and cooking demonstration. 

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Success Story - A Family Saved from Dismantling

In a powerful testament to the force of knowledge and empowerment, mother-of-six, Workinesh Teka, details how with support from Growth through Nutrition, she transformed her family from a nutritionally vulnerable household to a thriving family unit, and how her children now consume a diversified diet of vegetables and animal products. She learned negotiation skills, and in doing so, built a stronger relationship with her husband, keeping the family from breaking apart. 

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