The added value of virtual facilitator as a Social and Behaviour Change Communication approaches to improve Infant and Young Child Feeding, women diet diversity, women empowerment and WASH practices:

Improving key nutrition practices requires change at the individual, household, and community levels, and in services for mothers and families—all of which must be supported by an enabling environment. In addition to the existing SBCC approach under Growth through Nutrition, a new tool designed to complement the ECCs called the Virtual Facilitator (VF), a pre-recorded audio message with actors modeling the desired knowledge and behaviors, is anticipated to make the SBCC program more robust and scalable. This study aims to to evaluate the added value of the virtual facilitator tool to the existing ECC program for improving IYCF practice and nutritional status of women and children selected districts of Amhara region (Basoliben Woreda) and Oromia region (Becho and Girar Jarso in East and West Oromia).

Save the Children
Dr. Abdulhalik Workicho
Sibhatu Biadgilign
Rahel Gizaw
Prof Eileen Kennedy
Meghan Kershaw
Wossen Assefa
Lioul Berhanu
Dr. Cherinet Abuye
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