Save the Children: Growth through Nutrition Activity Annual Review and Planning Meeting

Growth Through Nutrition’s Annual Review and Planning Meeting was held August 13-15 at Kaleb Hotel and brought together staff from local NGOs, management and leads from SCI’s offices across Ethiopia as well as staff from project implementing partners PSI, Land o’ Lakes, Jhpiego, World Vision, the Manoff Group and Tufts University. The meeting was held to share progress and lessons on activities conducted in Year II that would serve in finalizing plans for Year III. Presentations from thematic leads covered the SBCC activities of the Manoff group, construction and marketing of WASH systems and products by PSI and World Vision, the pre-service education programs managed by Jhpiego, the Knowledge Management activities of Tufts University as well as the livelihoods and agriculture projects implemented by Land o’ Lakes. Key issues and challenges for guidance were also discussed with teams primed to complete budget finalization meetings the following week.

Kaleb Hotel Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Event Type
Internal (Project Partners & Staff)
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